What is Artistic Cycling

Introduction :
Artistic Cycling is a form of competitive indoor cycling in which riders perform tricks (figures) for points on specialized bikes in a format similar to ballet or gymnastics. It is a challenging and dynamic sport, which requires strong sense of body balance and reaction, as well as good physique. Rider has to perform the figures within the area between the outer circle of 8 meter diameter and the inner circle of 4 meter diameter in the competition venue of dimension 14 meter x 11 meter.

Equipment :
Artistic bicycle is different from road race bicycle. There is no braking system, use of tubular tyre, the saddle is wide and its back portion juts upward, the handlebar is turned upside down and the gear is fixed of a ratio 1:1. This makes the bicycle can be moved forward and backward in a flexible way. The front wheel can be lifted up easily to control the balance and perform the jumping.

Competition Disciplines :
There are men's and women's categories, and divide into single, double and group (4-6 riders) events. Single event has to be competed up to 30 figures in 5 minutes, where 25 figures for double or group events.

Judging :
The point of every figure is set in line with its performance and difficulties, which add up to make up to the total score. The Judge group is composed of three groups, each of two judges. The judge will deduct marks from the set point to work out the total score.

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